Mapping the universe of remote work

As companies around the world navigate the special circumstances brought by COVID-19, it’s clearer than ever that there is no going back to “business as usual”. In the face of a pandemic that has caused unprecedented social and economic disruption, employers and employees become more aware of an important, previously under-acknowledged fact — namely, that the future of work is * remote. Indeed, thanks to the mass work-from-home (WFH) experiment, flexible forms of employment have evolved almost beyond recognition. Within a matter of weeks, billions of people realized that their jobs can be carried out efficiently and correctly via telepresence technologies. As a result, what was once a luxury reserved for just a privileged few is gradually turning into an almost unquestionable public necessity. And this is precisely why the time to adapt or die is now.

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All content presented in this document on “Mapping the Universe of Remote Work” is part of a research project by Merit Zimmermann, writer/curator, and Raphael Gielgen from Vitra AG. The idea was born out of collaboration as the world began to emerge from lockdown in July 2020. A special thanks to Michael Stoz from Partner AG. Image © Erika Marthins